Two blows for two jags Prezza

More Drama, more scandals than an episode of Coronation Street or Eastenders - Two Jags Prezza is back in town!

This time, the cling on Deputy Prime Minister is embroiled in more controversy and yet more allegations regarding affairs, conflicts of interest.

Two Jags has been getting around for the wrong reasons! Wine , Women and super casinos seem to be getting him into trouble.

Blair's gamble of keeping on the disgraced cabinet minister without portfolio seems to have the whiff of Mandelson all over again. Pity that Mandelson's on the wheel of fortune lapping it up on the gravy train of Europe!

So, what now for the man desperately clinging onto the lavishings of power? I suggest he go to Las Vegas and blow his money on the Roulette or maybe a game of Black Jack ? Heads he goes, tails he stays - the coin has just spun in Prezza's favour as he always seems to get lucky!

Just how long will it be before lady luck spins out of favour with him? well, it all depends on whether Blair thinks he's worth saving that much or whether he cares about what dirty laundry Prezza is hiding behind closed doors!

Until that laundry is aired in Public, and it usually happens after, (Think MAJOR and CURRIE) then Prezza is safe to roam the houses of Parliament  and halls of Downing Street.

What must Mrs Prescott be thinking? Taking a gamble and milking him for a healthy divorce settlement!