US must put out fire in the Niger Delta

Nigeria's new music star has released a powerful video highlighting the plight of the people in the oil-rich Delta region after more than 40 years of exploitation by Western petroleum giants.
Inemo Samiama, who has been dubbed the 'Prince' of Afrobeat, bravely challenges the multinationals and his federal government in the five-minute film, Fire in the Delta, which can view by clicking on the link below.
A native of the troubled region, Samiama exposes the huge environmental devastation caused by the oil companies and their failure to put money into lifting the population of the area out of poverty.
Readers of The-Latest will be familiar with this story through our coverage of the activities of the rebel Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), who have made headlines in the West when they have taken oil workers hostage and blown up installations at refineries.
But Samiama insists that groups like MEND are freedom fighters and not 'terrorists'. He says that the injustice wreaked on his people by companies like Shell, Texaco, Exxon and Elf has resulted in a fire in the Delta which America, particularly, needs to put out not with 'guns and bombs' but a Marshal Aid plan.