Vince Clegg the tax man

vince2 WELL , so called straight talking Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg didn't exactly set the world alight with his keynote liberal conference speech this afternoon. It was fluffy, and in parts, a pie-in-the-sky dream about what a Liberal cabinet could or would do in power on their first days, with Cable and co driving through tax reform. If you want to win a few future work colleagues, just give them their job descriptions and what they will be doing when they get the role (or in this case, never get the role of cabinet minister) He spent a lot of the time attacking the Tories, labeling them as 'fake.' But, hey this is conference season, so it's not likely to be anything other than spin and an attempt to wow the Party faithful into thinking that what they are doing campaign wise is worthwhile. In parts, it felt like this was a Vince the Cable speech with a man called Clegg speaking it. Three main points came out of his speech if you didn't already know:
    He said the Tories were 'fake,' and that they were hypocritical on issues such as Europe. He was serious about tax reform. No-one earning under £10,000 would be taxed. Those 'mansion taxes' were here to stay. He made the point that if you've done well, all credit to you, but you would still have to pay your wack in tax. And to the tax dodgers he made it clear there was no place to hide. Certainly not in Switzerland, anyway. But the real repetitive slogan that stuck in my mind was 'REAL CHANGE' in Britain under a Liberal Party. PLENTY detected a Cameroon politics somewhere in there.
Clegg's an articulate guy, but unfortunately, if he sticks to the tax theme of penalising the rich, and let's face it, that's what they are doing with the mansion tax policy, then they will certainly pee off a few hard working wealth creators, who will prefer the PR politics of the Cameroons. Can Clegg really afford to alienate the middle classes, just to win some votes off the lower? QUOTE OF THE DAY: NICK CLEGG: "The Tories want to inherit power, I want to earn it."
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