Virgin Boss v Media Mogul

Let battle commence in the wars of the tycoons! A multi million pound business man has slammed a billionaire media mogul for manopolising the media. Sir Richard Branson, who owns the billion dollar Virgin label has launched a scathing attack on Rupert and James Murdoch,(Father and Son) who own top selling newspapers such as The Sun, The Times and BSKYB. Branson claims that the Murdoch empire is making a dent on democracy and he urges the government to 'stand up' to him. Opening a new Virgin Megastore in Manchester yesterday, the millionaire business man was dissapointed that ITV turned down a merger with NTL, but is even more worried that one man can have so much influence on the political process. Fears come at a time when a general election is not too far away and PrimeMinister Tony Blair has been courting Murdoch to continue to back him via The Sun Newspaper.