Voters turn to blogging for daily swipes

Everybody from the postie to politicians are now hooking up with the blogosphere and having their say on poltical matters and the political system. And voter fury with the political system and the elected representatives has meant that some are signing up and blogging with vigour. That is what the up and coming political blogger over at The Time For Change has been doing. He has become so furious at the last twelve years of Labour power, that he has been drawn to the keyboard to vent his frustrations at the political classes.
Blogger Stephen Wilkinson, 53, writes: "I find myself drawn towards politics after an awful twelve year spell of Labour in power. Labour's performance has, in my opinion, been abysmal. Even before the recent disgusting expenses revelations, the time for change was already underway. The expenses revelations have guaranteed Labour's exit."
Good for him.... Follow him on Twitter HERE