We must speak up for Palestinians being slaughtered

Efforts by the United Nations to pass a resolution to stop the escalating violence in Gaza have failed due to disagreement between various nations, chiefly the refusal of America to support a Libyan draft resolution which killed the initiative.
Such a behaviour from a super power during such a major emergency does not square with its declared commitment to peace, human rights and freedom. It must also be kept in mind that Israel has never cared about what the UN thinks and has always gone ahead with its plans regarding its handling of the Palestine issue.
Till now, there has been not much international pressure on Israel except condemnation by France, Russia, Egypt and Iran and the UN Security General Ban Ki Moon to stop its attack on Gaza. Protests against Israel's military offensive seems to have increased globally during the last few days. Venezuelan President Mr. Hugo Chavez has expelled the Israeli envoy   from his country in a follow up to growing widespread International protests.
This has been due to the reports of heavy casualties being faced by the people of Gaza. A foreign Red Cross doctor in a northern Gaza hospital described the situation as a nightmare.  "Civilians are being killed ... shells are severing people's legs, shrapnel is going into people's bodies and into people's homes, a lot of people are being cut down. Everyone is terrified," she said.
Why is the world community silent over this grave humanitarian issue, while each and every step is being taken in order to prevent a nuclear and military conflict between India and Pakistan? Does the world not consider the citizens of Palestine as humans or do they deserve death in the eyes of those world leaders who remain silent?
Does Israel not know that the killing of 500 civilians will only result in the mushrooming of more terror organisations that will further escalate the whole problem? Why can't Israel deal with Pakistan directly, as it claims Pakistan to be directly responsible for the funding of global terror? And why this hypocritical double standard treatment by the West (read U.S.A.) in dealing with a problem, that doesn't stop at Palestine?