We offer £50 for best Ryan Giggs soccer chant

Deborah Hobson and Our Own Correspondent

Disgraced soccer star Ryan Giggs is just hours away from stepping out in the European Champions League final following a failed court attempt to hide an alleged extra-marital affair.

And freedom of expression loving The-Latest has decided to celebrate by offering a £50 prize.

Can anyone ask whether or not it’s true Miss Thomas has started a new singing career? I heard she’s been doing Giggs all over Manchester?Giggs may yet rue the day he used the "Rich man's" super-injunction in a failed court attempt to hide an alleged extra-marital affairMega-rich Giggs paid £100,000 to get a draconian court gagging order to prevent his alleged six-month affair with glamour model and reality TV star Imogen Thomas being made public.He then tried to muzzle 75,000 Twitter users and bloggers from revealing his name in connection with any super injunction, which proved a waste of time as they were told by UK Justice Secretary Ken Clarke they would only get six months in prison if they pleaded guilty.The Gigg was finally up when Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming named the Manchester United soccer player in parliament during an urgent House of Commons debate on privacy laws. 

Giggsy, the most decorated footballer in Premier League history, has already been subject of abuse from the terraces and it is sure to get worse in Saturday’s final at Wembley.

Thankfully it was left to The Sun which today printed the Manchester United first 11 team who will line up against Barcelona, presumably because boss Alex Ferguson can’t write Giggs’ name for legal reasons.  

In recognition of Giggs’ achievement, The-Latest is offering a £50 cash prize to the person who comes up with the best slogan or chant for the game. Email your entry to: feedback@the-latest.com, putting "Giggs chant" in the subject line and give your full name, address and telephone number.

Can anyone ask whether or not it’s true Miss Thomas has started a new singing career? I heard she’s been doing Giggs all over Manchester?

Saturday's game which will be held at the UK's national Wembley Stadium is the big UEFA Champions League final between Manchester United and Spanish ace side Barcelona. While visiting Spanish fans will undoubtedly subject Giggs to raucous chants and heckles the fact that it isn't an all-English match will lessen the degree of verbal abuse levelled at the scandal-ridden player.

But that does not mean that Giggs has been "let off the hook" by English football supporters who are using their own unique brand of humour to ridicule him on the web. Here is a snippet of the "Giggsy" jokes:

"A Film is being made about a footballer who takes out a super injunction to stop a welsh girl revealing their six month affair. It's going to be called Saving Ryan's Privates."

"BBC News: MP names footballer in parliament.
Earlier today an MP started naming the premiership footballer's that have cheated on their wife's. Five hours later and he has only managed to get through the Arsenal, Machester United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs squads before Parliament recessed for the day. He is set to continue tomorrow..."

(Source: www.humour.wikinut.com)

"News has just broke that Ryan Giggs is that player! Imogen that…"

"If Twitter users are sued, lawyers are expected to analyse over 4 giggs of data."

"Imogen Thomas is trying to launch her solo singing career. She has started by doing Giggs in Manchester!"

"Super Injunctions of the future to be re-named a "Gigging order".

"I went on Mastermind last week and my specialist subject was Manchester United. John Humphreys said: “Which Man United player is known as the Welsh Wizard?” I said:”I couldn’t say." He said, “Correct, question two…”

"Man Utd awards dinner thrown into choas as “top premiership footballer” “top flight premiership footballer" and “anonymous premiership footballer” wins player of the year!"

"Ryan Giggs has gone into hiding. I can't Imogen why."

"I'm currently downloading a porn movie of Imogen Thomas. It might take a while though it's 11 Giggs!"

"Ryan Giggs today admitted to suffering from homesickness, saying that even though he's happy in Manchester he does Miss Wales occasionally."

"Ryan giggs has stated that he will not be pulling out of the champions league final as he is not a man to pull out off anything."

"For the first time ever, going 'Gigging' has sexual connotations..."

(Source: www.averagejokesblog.com)