Welcome to No 10 Donation Street

For those Citizen Journalists who dabble in poetry now and again, here is a ditty:

I'm going down to No 10 Donation Street, where all the politicians play

To visit the PM and ask him about his day

One peerage two peerage three

How much will it cost him let's see?

To grapple with King John who's gone a bit mad of late

Perhaps a game of crouquet or glass of champagne at the corner of Westminster gate.

To see mad John smoozing with his secretary

I'm sure Tracey offers him a lot on his plate

Teflon Tony's sailing the high seas

Leaving his Deputy to worry about Chameleon Dave

Whether he's turned blue, green or yellow with envy

Or just eaten too much curry

I'm going down to visit No 10 Donation Street!

Says Tony to trusty Lord Levy: 'You're carrying the can for that peerages for cash scandal.'

To which the seedy businessman replies: 'It'll be an honour.'