We'll see them in Copenhagen?

John Prezza and the team at Go4th are having a great time slamming the Tories over their new 'allies' in Europe. The video labels them as a bunch of Fruit & Nut cases. It's a bit cheesy, the ad, but it's worth a watch. They would have been better off using the Flake approach. Afterall, people are always going on about how the Tory policies are a bit flakey. On a more serious note, today, Ed Miliband, and Gordon are launching a manifesto for reducing Britain's C02 emissions earlier than 2050, in the year of the Olympics, 2012. They will hopefully broker a deal at the Copenhagen Climate Change conference later this year. Christian Aid believe that a deal in Copenhagen in December will be greatly increased if Obama and Gordon are there in person. According to CA, they will not be attending. You can email Gordon and Barack urging them to attend Copenhagen HERE. Hopefully, we'll see them in Copenhagen? But I doubt it.