Who's the biggest mug of them all?

A major national newspaper's portrayal of the Tony's mug campaign made me laugh from head to foot at the weekend, whilst spilling my tea in the process, writes Chris Gaynor.

The Sun, which mocked the PM's mug donning the name Anthony with a corny poem which talks about the PM as a true leader rather than a follower made me cringe at the audacity of yet another stunt  that is typical of New Labour.

While the Summer recess is over, the daggers once again will roll out as the PM tries to fight off the enemies within his own party.

As Dean Martin once sang, 'Aint that a kick in the head,' but for Tony the battering from his once loyal foot soldiers may just be the final blow to his premiership.

Talking of Mugs, who is the biggest mug of them all? I say it is the British people, for   continuing to re elect this self obsessed image spinster in the first place.

Time for a mug of tea and a jammy dodger now  I think!