Who the Hell is that man in the Kitchen?

Eagle-eyed member of The-Latest Samantha Depasois spied British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey doing an open air demonstration of his cooking skills. The fiery, swearing celebrity, famous in Britain and America as host of the hit Tv show Hell's Kitchen, wowed fans at Borough Market, in south London.

Depasois should know how to spot stars as a former chart-topping singer herself singing-my-life-by-abigail-obeng. She said: "I was on my lunch break from doing jury service at Southwark Crown Court, and saw a crowd gathered around someone who happened to be Gordon Ramsey. His bread looked delicious."

Former top Scottish footballer, Ramsey, lives nearby. Not only is he a popular Tv personality, he is also an author and owner of fashionable restaurants including The Narrow at Limehouse in the capital's Docklands.