Why has Sun columnist unveiled?

Phil Simms

Muslim Sun newspaper columnist Anila Baig writes cross-cultural pieces based upon current news - in addition to the odd 'What not to watch' for the TV pages. This week she seems to be more into her role than usual appearing in her picture by-line without her distinctive hijab headscarf.

Baig is a great writer (winning 2004 regional columnist of the year) and shows a willingness to positively play on her background to break down barriers through humour as opposed to simply complaining about the sometimes negative image of Muslims in the British news media as a result of B ush and Blair's 'war on terror'.

Of course I am aware that the wearing of the hijab is not compulsory among Muslims and if one makes the decision to stop wearing it altogether that equally should be treated as a non-event.

But I am interested to know what was behind Baig's decision to unashamedly wear it in the first place and what made her change her mind? I just hope her decision was not influenced by the current Islamophobic political climate and the media furore surrounding it.