Why should we pay for town hall churnalism?

RIDDLE ME THIS: Why should taxpayers pay a council press officer more than  £25, 000 per annum, plus a healthy public sector pension to churn out press release news from the council(which generally bleets out how good they are) This comes as local newspaper trainee journalists earn a ghastly  £15K/annum, generally with a limited pension, and up to 17K, if they're lucky? Not to mention on top of that the cost of training for further senior glory. Newspaper journalists write for the love of exposing folly, (they don't do it for the fame, the money, or even the sex. Being a newspaper hack won't get you laid, well, not like it does in the movies anyway. but they gotta eat, and live. Those council press officers are laughing all the way to the bank at our expense. No wonder the public sector has become a troughers paradise for some (and I mean some) at the expense of others....This comes as some poor student hack sent an FOI request to the Nottingham City Council, but then it took them five months to reply, - when it should only take 20 working days by law. Three others replied in time. So what were they doing up at Nottingham? Follow the poor sod on Twitter HERE