Wild West Parking Nightmare

No parking sign

Media pundits and Westminster politicians are up in arms about the 'parking mess' in the British capital. Most of them have focused on over-zealousd rogue private companies brought in by local authorities to ticket, clamp and towaway offending vehicles. But The-Latest.Comer Scott Hammond says there is a wild west place in London where motorists park illegally and nothing is done about it.



It is always the same. Something that will probably never change. Coming around the corner of your street after a night on the town, you drive towards your normal parking spot and, to your surprise, someone has stolen it.

London is becoming a city of traffic jams, road rage, car crashes and zero parking. And no Ken Livingstone congestion charge, however hefty, is going to stop that from being the case.

From a personal standpoint, it is obvious that the worst place for parking is in Southall, west London. It is a vibrant place where you can buy the best Indian curries in London. But Southall is always full to the brim of traffic caused by people, travelling in and out of the town.

Nothing is done to challenge the resulting parking chaos that plagues this wild west of a suburb. As you walk down towards the Broadway, the district's main shopping street, there are cars parked illegally in bus lanes, on double yellow lines and in some cases, even on pavements.

Bhavesh Joshi, a 21-year-old resident of Sussex Road , Southall, desperately proclaims: 'The parking is just diabolical. When I come from a night out, if I’m not back by a certain time, the parking spot outside my house is taken by another resident from one of the nearby roads and I then have nowhere else to park.'

The website parkingticket.co.uk states clearly that: 'The police only removed vehicles that were parked dangerously or causing an obstruction…' This rule does not seem to apply in Southall, for if that were true, half the cars in the town would have been clamped or and towed away by now.

Southall's essential problem lies in the fact that the majority of its roads are too narrow for the high volume of modern traffic. This is made worse by carelessly parked vehicles on either side of every road, which makes it virtually impossible for vehicles to travel in each direction, at all times. Until the powers that be stand up and do something, this town, on the edge of Heathrow Airport,  could soon grind to a halt  with catastrophic consequences for London transport.