Will Tories really be first party to elect Black or gay leader?

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Tory blogger Iain Dale last night controversially said on his late night political radio show that the Conservatives would be the first British political party to elect a gay or black leader, who would go on to become the first black or gay Prime minister - and he was willing to put a punt on it. So, he's assuming that the Tories will get in next time around. His controversial view came as Black Labour MP and TV political pundit Dianne Abbott accused the Tories of holding anti-semitic views on Thursday's late night TV political chat show This Week with Andrew Neil. It comes as the Tories have been cosying up to a handful of dubious parties in Europe, who hold what some claim to be on a par with the BNP. Dale said: "I think the Labour Party are clutching at straws here, and it is a bit desperate." He then went on to add, "I would like to have a big bet that the Tories will be the first party in future to elect a gay or black British Prime minister." The Labour Party have more black MPs than the Tories, but the Tories were the first party to elect a female leader, one Margaret Thatcher, who then became PM at the end of the 70s, beginning of 80s. She then went on to be known as the 'Iron lady.' Dale interviews a spoof Thatcher in video below. Last year, the US voted for its first ever Black President in the shape of Barack Obama. Are the Tories reformed enough to be able to follow in the Democrats shoes, and really do it?