The word on the street...Roll Deep

Chris Gaynor

Ambitious plans to eradicate the scourge of gun crime has been launched by the metropolitan police.

Operation Trident are turning their attention to music by introducing band Roll Deep'and music video director, Jake Nava to deliver an anti gun message.

'Badman,' is the music track which will attempt to make young people aware to the affects of gun crime. Nava, brought up in Hackney, but now living in America has directed music videos for artists such as Kellis and Beyonce.

Band 'Roll Deep,' said: 'Gun crime is a serious issue, something we have all faced in the past. Guns are being talked about and used more and more by the youngsters we see. The idea of using music to talk to the kids seems an innovative way of trying to push the anti gun message, and we're pleased to be part of helping to spread the message.'

The track has had airtime on the London's youth radio where DJ's and presenters have helped to spread the word. It has also been played on the major music channels and can be downloaded on the music websites.

Video Director, Jake Nava, said: 'Both Roll Deep and I have shared a sense of importance to this particular project, because unlike most of the things that come out of music business, this really seemed like something that could make a difference.'

Trident Commander, Cressinda Dick, said: 'With so much of popular culture glamourising guns we wanted to subvert the messages associated with it. In doing so, we hope to connect with young people through a medium they understand.'

The last four years have seen an increase in victims of gun crime. 31% of victims were teenagers in 2006, as opposed to 2003 where 16% were young people.

To listen or download the 'Badman' track visit