Would you like me to be the....?

Four men and a little lady.... ! That was the set up for this weeks edition of Question Time, hosted and chaired by that pussy cat of broadcasters David Dimbleby, writes Chris Gaynor.

On his panel this week was Big Brothers very own pussy cat George Galloway.

The Super doctor to ease the blood pressure of the Tory party, Dr Liam Fox and that Cheshire Cat grin of up and coming politico David Lammy, Minister for Culture Media and Sport.

Not forgetting the grandaddy of Fleet Street journalism, Max Hastings and Lynne Featherstone, the new girl LIberal Democrat MP.

What an interesting show it turned out to be! If anything, they must have all flocked to see Mr Galloway donning a sporting beard, which even had signs of him growing whiskers.

Respect to the man who called for the assasination of Tony Blair, and didnt even know what his minister had said regarding the recent raids on suspected terrorist plots - allegedly, he was in Cuba smoking a big fat cigar.

Even David Lammy couldnt help but make a jibe about his appearances on BIG BROTHER as,  THE CAT!  

Now to the politics!

Iraq was the main topic of focus and OH... HOW MR GALLOWAY licked his lips with relish!

The news regarding the death of a key Al Quaida operative AL ZAQAUWI raised questions about whether this was a turning point in the war on terrorism,as well as  the battle to win the factions in Iraq. Sadly, Mr Galloway's spin was to suggest that Blair and Bush, should be the ones strung up for the invasion, and sadly HE WAS CLAPPED every time.  

WHAT A SAD DAY for democracy when a leader of a fringe party doesnt know what his own personnel are doing - TOO MUCH TOBACOO can damage your health!

Max Hastings put his sense where his mouth was and told the audience that the problem with NEW LABOUR was that they were full of GOOD IDEAS, but have not got a SCOOBY DOO how to implement them.

As for the Lady from the LIberal Democrats....WELL... She may as well have been a CAT sitting on  a MAT looking important ,but not saying very much and expecting a saucer of milk for her pains!

AND as for the WORLD CUP and Britishness - Galloway broke rank and said he will be supporting ENGLAND after all....SAD BUT TRUE.... SO, the only other question to ask is, when is Gorgeous George going to shave off his whiskers and give the British people some proper RESPECT?