X Factor judges continue slanging match

It was business as usual for the feuding judges on the X factor. But Louis Walsh came out on top this week as both his pop bands stay firmly centre stage. Two of Simon Cowell's pop acts were competing head to head to stay in the show. Ray continued his swing theme and Nikita sang 'Let's Dance,' but in the end was voted off by her mentor Cowell. The PR man was left speechless as two of his acts went head to head. In the end, he said: 'These two should never have been in the bottom two tonight.' Sharon Osbourne and Walsh were both jeering at having outsmarted the mr cool of the popular television show. They continued their harrang of each other's pop acts as all the contenders once again struggle to stay in the limelight. Leading from the top was show favourite Ben, who opened with a cover from Aerosmith. All pop wannabe's were singing classic love songs, as female sensation Leona managed to cause a stir by giving an emotional performance of an Elton John classic, 'Sorry Seems to be the hardest word.' Louis Walsh said that Leona had the potential to go all the way and be the first female winner of the show. Bands Eton Road and the Mcdonald brothers were slammed by Cowell for being 'average' as Walsh battles to keep his acts in the show. Last week Cowell's act Ashley was voted off after two dissapointing weeks of errors and misjudgements. Cowell's continue critcism of Louis Walsh's song choice and presentation of the bands still continues to excite the audiences as the three judges battle for the supremacy of making one act a star.