You Know It's Fake, Right?

Now, at my age it would seem to be a bit embarresing to admit, but I am going to say it anyway, I am a bit of a wrestling fan.

Now, there more people out there that hate it, rather than like it, but I am one of those people who can actually sit down (sometimes) and watch it. It can be boring at the best of times, but people just need to look at it as a type of soap opera.

The one thing that really annoys me is that when people find out that I will watch wrestling, they take it upon themselves to break the horrible truth to “You do know it’s fake, right?” If I was given a pound for every time someone has asked me that, I’d be a millionaire by now.

Well for everyone that doesn’t know, believe it or not, but Eastenders is fake too.

Strangely enough, I do know that wrestling is fake, but it is still very interesting to watch for me. I have been watching it on and off since I was very small, and since I have been watching it I have known it was fake.

The results of the matches are pre-determined, I know that. But the one thing I always make note to tell skeptics is that the actual wrestling is not fake. There are ways to land for wrestlers so that they can minimize injury but at the end of the day, like all sports, people can still get injured. The blood in professional wrestling is also real, this I know to be true as I visited a wrestling school a few years back, and wrestlers use miniture razor blades to cut the tops of their heads, it is called 'juicing'.  

I do not ask for people who do not like wrestling to try watching it, all I am saying is that it is a sport like all others, where the dangers of hurting yourself are more real that most other sports, but it is no more a sport, than it is an art form.